Book Review – The Winter People

This was a blind selection, with no idea who the author was or what the book was about other than it had a ghost story theme.

The Winter People: A Novel

the winter peopleI listened to the audio, unabridged version of the book (which means that it was a word for word reading).  The readers are excellent, two women, that put just the right life into the story.  I was never bored or distracted during the reading.  In fact, I got upset when the end came, because it was just so good.

It’s a ghost story that links an 1880s murder to present day vanishings, based on a secret diary that tells how to bring the dead back to life.  It’s a “who-done-it” that I didn’t figure out at all! (which is rare for me)

I’m not a huge fan of ghost stories, but this one is done really well and it could be really scary if you read it (or listened to it) at night…in the dark…with a scary closet door in your room.  Honestly, I hope they make it into a movie and I “see” a series that could be started with how the book left off.

The story builds around the death of a woman’s child and her desire to just see her one more time.  Who hasn’t lost a loved one and wanted that.  If there was a way to do it, how far would you go?  This mom goes pretty far, as does a woman from the present day side of the story, to see her husband again.  Their stories  connect and bring about a group of interesting characters.

I still think there’s something weird about the doll….just saying….maybe book 2?

There are some gory descriptions and some cussing, mild stuff in today’s age (I heard worse at the restaurant last night).  Probably best for  senior high school and up readers, but definitely a good read!

I’m off to check out more books by Jennifer McMahon.

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